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Anna Zwarts

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Buro Grip = Anna Zwarts

anna_2013_2I have been working in logistics and expediting for over 20 years, first as an employee and since 2006 in my own company: Buro Grip. Over the years, I discovered my strenghts in the communicative aspects of this line of work and started spending more and more time developing these skills. Over time I have developed into a communication expert in the field of material availability, in English: expediting.

My strong points are mainly on the organizational level: organizing things, letting processes run quickly and smoothly, observe emerging problems and avert them, communicating clearly with suppliers, colleagues and clients.

For me, the ‘system’ must be serving the people and the company and not the other way around. So if you tell me that something is impossible , I will just go on searching, uprooting, negotiating, disciplining, seducing and talking until it ís possible.

Anna is een assertieve inkoper/besteller die veel werk verzet met een goed gevoel voor humor.

Birgit Nijhuis

Anna has been working with me during 7 months, as supportive partner in one of the most challenging projects we’ve been working together. At that time she was able to point for me main areas for development within material planning team, not only in processes improvement but also personal skills. Her ability to analyze and identify root causes where we should set focus has been key for the improvement on this area. Seldom you can find in one person the mix of energy, logistics skills and emotional intelligence that makes Anna so valuable.
It was a privilege to have Anna on my team.

José-Miguel Paz-Peñuelas