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Extra hands and a new perspective!

Anna Zwarts from Buro Grip is available on a freelance basis for projects in the areas of expediting and logistics. Together with the client she will determine the content and duration of the project, and whether it is preferable to work from home or on location.

Extra hands when you need them
Flexibility is the key word here: full deployment when needed, but when a project is completed ahead of schedule it is no problem to end the partnership earlier.

Communication is the key
In close consultation with the client, Anna analyzes where the logistical and communication problems are. She has a sharp eye for priorities and gets down to work immediately to address the most important things. After the entire field of expediting within your business is mapped, Anna starts working to optimize processes. Using, of course, her considerable communication skills and her resolute, no-nonsense mentality.

Always go the extra mile
Once your expediting processes run smoothly again, Anna will ensure that they are recorded in a proces script and train employees so that they are able to maintain the achieved improvements.

Request for quotation!
Or call +316 50916435 first for an introductory talk. The hourly rate is dependent on the number of hours of the project. At Buro Grip travel expenses are always inclusive!